Local Footpaths

Click on this link to see a map showing the footpaths around Sandbach

Circular Walks Near Sandbach

As well as the map showing all the footpaths local to Sandbach, we have also written instructions for completing some of them as a circular walk. The instructions below include step by step guidance with a map to complete the picture. Click on the title to see the walk description.

Sandbach Circular Walks – Overview

St Johns and Arclid Quarry Walk 4miles

Daisy Bank 3.5 miles

Jacobs Ladder 3 miles, NO STILE

River Wheelock 3.5 miles

Tall Chimneys from Malkins Bank 5 miles

Brook Wood only 1 mile, NO STILE

Brook Wood and Houndings Lane 4.5 miles, NO STILE

Elworth and Wood Lane 1.8 miles

Sandbach History and Greens 3.5 miles, NO STILE

Solar System & Borrow Pit Meadows 4.3 miles, NO STILE

Sandbach Heath and Arclid Airfield 4.2 miles

Hollins Green via Albion Lock 4.4miles

Rode Heath Ramble, 4.9 miles B, NO STILE

Betchton Valley long, 10.5 miles B

Brook Wood and Tall Chimneys, 4 miles B, NO STILE

Winterley and Hall O’the Heath, 4 miles B

Winterley & Golf Course NO STILE, 5.5 miles B

Wheelock Rail Trail & Canal 3 to 4 miles NO STILE

Bradwall Manor 3.5 miles NO STILE

Secret Salt Line walk, 6.3 miles, NO STILE

Arclid Cottage Farm from Sandbach Heath

Warmingham & The Moat 3.5miles 17stiles

Winterley Figure of 8, NO STILE, 4 miles

Winterley & Hassall, NO STILE, 4.5 miles

Betchton Heath, 6 stiles, 5 miles

Brereton & Taxmere, 10 stiles 7 miles

Warmingham lanes. Options for: No stile (minimum mud), 2 stiles or 4 stiles, 4.5 miles